Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teen Angst Final Post

The concept of adolescence is when a kid is in the stage going into adulthood which is also called the teenage stage. My years as a teen has been pretty normal I go to school, play football, and hangout with friends. Based on what I see most teenagers do the same thing. Most adults think teenagers are rebels and do stupid things. I do think that there are teens that do stupid crazy things but not all of them are this way. This is why when groups of teens walk around people are always staring.

Another thing about teens is sometimes they don't make the best choices. This could be because of the fact that their brains aren't fully developed.  This is why some teens always have so much angst and make wrong decisions. The media also show what teens do or act like through TV, books, and movies. Adolescence is just the stage when you're going into adulthood and you're mentality changes.

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  1. I agree with the fact that adults hold this precedent that teenagers are always up to no good. Although some teens do indeed conduct themselves in such a way, I think that it's a cliché stereotype.