Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teen Angst Final Post

The concept of adolescence is when a kid is in the stage going into adulthood which is also called the teenage stage. My years as a teen has been pretty normal I go to school, play football, and hangout with friends. Based on what I see most teenagers do the same thing. Most adults think teenagers are rebels and do stupid things. I do think that there are teens that do stupid crazy things but not all of them are this way. This is why when groups of teens walk around people are always staring.

Another thing about teens is sometimes they don't make the best choices. This could be because of the fact that their brains aren't fully developed.  This is why some teens always have so much angst and make wrong decisions. The media also show what teens do or act like through TV, books, and movies. Adolescence is just the stage when you're going into adulthood and you're mentality changes.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Teens and Drinking

I think that the article we read in class was interesting. Teens were drinking outside of school and were caught and punished by the police and their parents. They were also punished in school for drinking outside of school. I think this was wrong and I know the principal was trying to make a point that teen drinking won't be tolerated. I think if the teens would already were punished by higher authorities such as the police the school shouldn't even worry about it because the problem is already being dealt with. I think that if the principal really wanted to advocate on why teen drinking was bad then he could have made assemblies and have people talk to students and/or provide counseling to those who need help. I think that teen drinking should be punished but if it's already being handled by the police the school shouldn't get involved unless the drinking was involved on school property.

Teens and Music

Music relates to teens in lots of ways; because of teens music has evolved greatly. With the rise of the "first teens" Rock n' Roll was first introduced and this was the music teens listened to. Adults thought that Rock n Roll was very rebellious music and they thought it was destroying music. After Rock n Roll got big soul music and Rock as we know it today became big. Then punk rock emerged and people thought it made negative influences on teens with their lyrics and style of music. After a while Rap and Hip-Hop became new. With music teens could relax and relate the music to their lives.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teen Angst Reactions

I think that the articles we have read portray teenagers as a negative figures in our society. The articles always talk about how teenagers are depressed, immature, and are always stressed and not all teens are like this. The articles never talk about anything  positive that teenagers do. They just focus on the negative aspect on teens. Just like adults teens aren't perfect.